Specialized Solutions and Cutting edge technology that can forever change the way water is managed!

Benefits and features
  • Infiltrates water, reduces runoff water, stabilizes soil moisture
  • Reduces hydrostatic pressure in sub structures, rebalances hydrologic cycle, recharges groundwater
  • Green solution requires no energy and no maintenance
  • 25 year product guarantee
  • Ohio's Only Certified EGRP® Installer  

    About Our Parent Company

    The Energy-passive Groundwater Recharge Product (EGRP®) was invented by Andrew Niemczyk in 1997. In 2004, he created Parjana® Inc. as a means to test and further develop the EGRP®. Then, after more than 13 years of research and development, in 2010, Niemczyk patented the EGRP®. In 2012, he partnered with Gregory McPartlin and started the company Parjana® Distribution to sell and distribute the EGRP®. Parjana® Distribution delivers innovative solutions to improve water infiltration and mitigation through the use of the EGRP®, which allows water to travel and filter naturally.

    When this world-changing water management solution was manufactured over 15 years ago, a tradition of innovation, quality products and water management solutions began. Through the last two years, Parjana® Distribution has developed the product by expanding the business across multiple markets, including a partnership in the United Kingdom in 2013 and an expansion in Europe through Switzerland in 2013. Today, Parjana® Distribution is working on expanding their network even more and training contractors to become Certified Parjana® Installers (CPIs).

    Parjana® Distribution is the industry’s top source for a green solution in water management and is a very powerful, flexible and dynamic solution that can work along with gray or other green water management systems or independently. We are committed to providing customers with solutions for today’s needs in a green and sustainable way.