over 80% reduction in stormwater runoff


EGRP® Application Features & Benefits

Agricultural solutions is our Passion
  • Stop! Nonpoint source pollution
  • Promote the 4R nutrient Stewardship
  • Support sustainable use of soils and water resources
  • Protect the ecological integrity of aquatic ecosystems
  • Promotes clean safe drinking water
  • Keep it on the Farm
  • Improves infiltration–Infiltrates water, reduces runoff water, stabilizes soil moisture
  • Reduces hydrostatic pressure in sub structures, rebalances hydrologic cycle, recharges groundwater
  • Balances moisture–less ground movement
  • Stabilizes soil Use–minimizes erosion
  • Shortens freeze/thaw cycle
  • Reduces water volume for storm system
  • Economic Benefits
  • Increases infiltration 7-10 times*
  • Reduces Production Cost
  • Reduces loss of applied nutrients
  • Green solution requires no energy and no maintenance
  • 25 year product guarantee
  • Soil and Crop Health
  • Equalizes soil moisture content by establishing a connection between the surface and soil
  • Nourishes and improves the root system by bringing moisture
  • Help aerate the soil and increase absorption of nutrients to enhance growth
  • Enhances nutrients effectiveness
  • No damage to current drainage

  • * Exact results may vary subject to specific soil & site conditions