Does Your Community Struggle with Water Issues?

over 80% reduction in stormwater runoff

YOU have many responsibilities, but water issues no longer have to be one of them!

Sustainably Reduce > Stormwater Runoff Fees • Flooded Parks & Sport Fields • Flooded Streets & Roadways • Golf Course Revenue Loss

EGRP® Application Features & Benefits

  • Increases infiltration 7-10 times*
  • Equalizes soil moisture content by establishing a connection between the surface and soil
  • No damage to current drainage
  • Support sustainable use of soils and water resources
  • Promotes clean, safe drinking water Water volume reduction
  • Eliminates standing water
  • Reduce erosion
  • Reduces phragmites spread
  • Lessens freeze/thaw cycle
  • Reduces sanitary fees
  • Direct maintenance cost reduction Reduces loss of applied nutrients
  • Green solution–requires no energy and no maintenance
  • 25 year product guarantee
  • No expensive pumps
  • Increased land valuation
  • More available land to develop
  • Scalable applications

  • * Exact results may vary subject to specific soil & site conditions