Your Sustainable Water Volume Reduction Solution

EGRP® Application Features & Benefits

Capture and Infiltrate Rainwater Where It Falls
  • Reduces hydrostatic pressure in sub structures, rebalances hydrologic cycle, recharges groundwater
  • Green solution requires no energy and no maintenance
  • Improves infiltration
  • Stabilizes soils Balances Moisture content
  • Improves Site Drainage
    Pre-Construction – During Construction – Post Construction
  • Safe Site
  • Dry site
  • Clean site
  • Reduces delays Saves money on cleaning and maintaining work area
  • Economic Benefits
  • Increases infiltration 7-10 times*
  • Minimize retention pond size
  • Improves appearance
  • No maintenance – 25 year product guarantee
  • Keeps Phragmites from growing
  • Roadways/Driveways/ Catch Basins
  • Balances moisture–less ground movement Minimizes top soil erosion
  • Shortens the freeze/thaw cycle– less ground movement
  • Reduces water volume and runoff – less volume for storm system
  • Longevity on road repair

  • * Exact results may vary subject to specific soil & site conditions